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Pumpkin Pet Brush

Pumpkin Pet Brush

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  • Gentle and Effective: The tool is designed to be gentle on your pet's skin while removing loose undercoats. This is important for maintaining your pet's hygiene and overall health.
  • Suitable for Various Hair Types: Whether your pet has long, medium, short, thick, wiry, or curly hair, this tool claims to work well on most hair types, making it versatile for different breeds of dogs and cats.
  • One-Click Cleaning Button: After brushing your pet, the one-click cleaning button simplifies the process of removing the collected hair from the tool. By clicking the button, the shutter pops out, separating the brushed hair from the metal needle, and allowing you to wipe the hair off easily. This feature saves time and effort when cleaning and deshedding.
  • 140° Bend Fine Stainless Steel Needle: The tool features a 140° curved needle made of fine stainless steel. This design provides flexibility for effective hair removal and gentle combing of knotted hair without causing any pain to your pet. The needle can penetrate deep into the underlying hair, grabbing loose strands and reducing static electricity.
  • Comfortable Massage Experience: The tool incorporates improved rubber massage particles, which offer a more comfortable touch feel. As you brush and detangle your pet's hair, the massaging effect not only enhances blood circulation but also promotes a healthy and shiny coat. The tool ensures that your pet's sensitive skin is not harmed during grooming.
  • Upgraded and Durable: The pet fur brush is constructed with sturdy, bent needles that are resistant to deformation. This ensures durability and longevity, allowing for extended use over time.

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